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Workshops through OLT

This summer I have been hard at work updating my workshop and short course that I will be running through OLT.

OLT stands for Online Training for Counsellors and is a company that has been providing courses on online counselling for over ten years now. Their students come from all over the world. Once I was a students myself taking the general certificate and online diploma in counselling courses.

The last couple of years I have been a tutor on the diploma myself and I love it very much.

Even during doing all my own counselling training, I was so disappointed that there was no time for marketing. So many of us want to be in private practice and there was no preparation for that at all. Or how to have an online practice.

  • Who do you get a website?website (1)
  • Can I maintain it myself?
  • How do you market yourself online?
  • Where?

Those questions were on my mind a lot. And when I could not find what I needed I decided to teach myself.

It took me many hours, a lot of frustration before I had enough knowledge  to build and manage my own website and find ways to market it.

The strangest part: I found that I enjoyed it hugely. I like building websites and being on Social Media. And when I saw the same need amongst some of our diploma students, I decided to use my own knowledge to make this path easier for others. I was so happy when OLT gave me the chance to develop workshops and short courses. The first of these are:

The added advantage of working through OLT is that I am able to offer CPD hours for my workshops and courses.

Fall timetable

[cta headline=”Want to know more?” buttontext=”Email me” buttonlink=”https://marketingcounsellors.nl/contact-me/” ] So if you are interested please have a look at the fall dates. And if you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to email me.[/cta]


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