Have a WordPress website built for you

[themecolor]You have decided that you want a website that you can manage on your own.[/themecolor]

  • No more asking a web designer to make every little change for you.
  • Remove outdated information straight away yourself.
  • Add new information within minutes

WordPress can give you all that. Once you have your website organized and you know your way around WordPress, it will be very easy to manage. All beginning is difficult. I totally understand if you don’t have the time to make your website and learn it all on your own. This is where I can offer some help. [themecolor]I can spare you the time and maybe some frustration of installing WordPress and building your website yourself.[/themecolor]   [themecolor] This is what I offer:[/themecolor]

  • WordPress installed on your website
  • Help with finding a hosting company for your website
  • I will brainstorm with you on the best structure for your website
  • Standard custom pages built for you. [Examples: home – standard contact –  about me – counselling pages]
  • Plugins and widgets installed for you.
  • Video tutorials on how to use your website
  • Email assistance if you have questions [free for the first year]

[Not included is the cost for hosting. This is something you will have to pay for annually yourself as this has to be in your name]

   £ 250     per website.



Extra’s Cost Essential or not
Non-standard tasks + graphics


£ 25 per hour work This totally depends on what you would like. We can discuss this together to see what is possible. As these tasks take me a lot longer I have to charge you by the hour I work on it.
Maintenance per year


£ 45 per year

This depends on how much you want to do yourself.

  • For this amount I will update WordPress for you and help you with problems you may encounter after the first year.
  • And make small changes to your website


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