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[themecolor]WordPress is an essential tool for your business[/themecolor]

I know that I keep saying that WordPress makes it easy to manage your own website. And this is true. But like any system it does take you some time to get to know it well. To work with it easily.

That is why I am working on a digital WordPress guide. This guide will take you through the steps of setting up your WordPress site. Starting with the preperations of finding your domain name and hosting.

When you have WordPress set up, the guide will look at themes. Their advantages and disadvantages.

With your theme installed you will be ready to start filling your website. To make this an easy process, the guide will take you through the WordPress dashboard. Explaining what everything is for. Which settings you should change and which are ok.

Next to all this the guide will offer:

  • A whole list of plugins that are essential to use on your website. [almost all of these will be free]
  • Teach you how to make your website ready for Google Analytics, and even integrate it with your WordPress dashboard.

If there is anything else you would like included in a WordPress guide. Feel free to contact me.

I will let you know when the Guide will be ready.

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