WordPress guide on how to start your website

[themecolor]A guide that will help you set up your own website[/themecolor]


My first guide is nearing completion and I am pretty proud of it! Right now it is in the stages of last check-ups to make sure I did not make mistakes or forget something important.


I know there is already a lot out there when it comes to WordPress both in print and on the internet. And yet I think my guide will be different.


  • A lot information you can find online is very technical. As I am not a very technical person myself, I have tried to make this guide as non-technical as I can.
  • I remembered how I felt when I was first trying to make sense of WordPress and have written this guide from that point of view.
  • It is not the bulkiest guide out there. But is more always a good thing? Sometimes when I pick up a manual 200 pages + I just don’t know were to begin. That is why I kept it concise. I cover the basics of what you need to know but I keep it short.


Another thing I hear from time to time is: That info is all out there on the internet. Why would I pay for a guide?

Of course this is true. You can find all that is in my guide yourself on the internet. But it is going to take you time. Time you could spend working. [Think about how much you charge per hour. If you do that finding that information on the internet suddenly doesn’t sound so cheap anymore] I have done the research for you and am offering it in one package.


So keep watching this space to find out when the guide will be available. Or even better join me in subscribing to my newsletter. The first one will be out soon. And there may be advantages for my newsletter readers.

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