Why Social Media

[themecolor]Can I use it ethically in marketing? [/themecolor]

I know that a lot of counsellors and coaches are not sure about Social Media. I get that. Like you I learned during my training to keep private life and work separate. Don’t share with clients.

[themecolor]The world is changing[/themecolor]

Our world is changing so rapidly. Young people are constantly online. It is their world, and that is only going to increase. All of us have information about ourselves online. Even if we are not aware of it. It is now almost impossible to keep these two worlds separate. Clients can google your name and find out information about you.

[themecolor]What can I do about that?[/themecolor]

Be careful about what you do online.

  • Don’t get into fights online
  • Before you leave your information somewhere, think.
  • Make sure that your privacy settings are high when you are on Social Media privately.
  • If friends tag you in photos and you don’t like that. Ask them to remove the tag.

[themecolor]Using Social Media professionally[/themecolor]

Maybe you have thought about this, or it can be new. More than half of the population in many western countries is a member of a Social Medium. Facebook is the most used one.

People use these social media to stay up to date with what friends are doing, playing games. But more and more they also use them to find information.

That is what you would be providing to them. Information about counselling. Information about your specialty. People would get to know you, by liking your page and following you. They get to like and trust you. Because of this they will come to you sooner if they are in need of counselling. They will have the feeling that they already know you. And you achieved this by only sharing information about your work. Not about you!

[themecolor]I can help you get started with Social Media[/themecolor]

Have a look at the modules I offer.

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