Why should I care about branding?

You may have heard us marketing types talk about branding a lot. And you may even ask, what is branding? Or just why would I need branding?

Let me answer my second question first. Yes I think that your counselling practice does need branding.

And branding can be explained really simple. It means house style. It means that you think about the following things and use them consistently in everything you do for your practice:

  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • One profile picture that you use on your website and social media
  • The other illustrations you use should also be in line with your brand colours
  • The other illustrations should be in line with the ‘feel’ of your brand


In modern marketing, it is important to tell a story. A lot of that storytelling is done by words. The words you use convey to your readers what you are about. And your writing style betrays a lot about who you are. People will select who they work with because they like what they read.

But they will also select to work with you because they like what they see. And I am not talking about posh websites with a lot of whistles and bells. That could even work against you as keeping it simple works as well. No, that visual picture consists of the elements I have mentioned above.


For example for me:

example of my Instagram wall
  • My colours are on the purple spectrum. And you can see that I use it all over my website, my ads and my social media.
  • The font I mostly use is Calibri and in Canva [where I make most of my images] I have selected two fonts that I try to use on my social media posts.
  • I use the same profile picture on my website and all my professional social media profiles. That does not mean you can never change your profile pic. But when you do, change it everywhere. Maybe one day I will go for one with a purple streak in my hair. 😊
  • Especially for Instagram and Facebook I have started using my brand colours more in my illustrations [Let me know if you want me to do a course on doing that in Canva]
  • The last one is the hardest to pin down. When I search for copywrite free images I do go for a certain feel. I go for images that somehow speak to me and they will often have my favourite colours in them. If not I will add those colours later in Canva. For example by adding a background behind the image.

Now all this will take you a little more time, but I can tell you it is worth it by making you stand out. People will come to know your style and recognize it anywhere. That means it will help you to stand out and for you to be you!

Why not give it a try and let me know how you get on. Oh and I would also love to see examples!

And let me know if you want me to make a branding course in my marketing university. If you haven’t had a look at my university yet, I have a mini course that you can try for free.

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