Why I love feedly

How do you find content to post on Social Media? But don’t spend all day looking for it.

For me the solution to that problem is called Feedly. Feedly is one of the many newsreaders you can find all over the internet. I find that it has some advantages:

  • It has add ons for all major browsers so you can reach it with one click from your homepage.
  • It’s free.
  • You can use it on different platforms, laptop, tablet and phone. Both apple and android versions.
  • It looks nice.

So what does it look like?


This is a look at my homepage. It gives me an overview of all the blogs that I have saved. Blogs that are of interest to me. This means I don’t have to go to all the blogs I follow separately. Every day I take half an hour to go to Feedly and see if there is anything of interest to me. As you see, Feedly gives me a title and the first few lines of every new blog post. This is enough to determine if I want to read the entire article or not.

Once I am finished with a section, I mark it as read and it disappears from my Feedly. This helps to keep the content fresh.

feedly sign upSo how do you add content to your Feedly newsletter? Every time you come to a blog and you see this sign in the right lower corner, it means you can add it to Feedly. [It may be smaller but once you click on it, it expands] you need the icon at the top. When you click on it, it will take you to the Feedly sign up screen.

If you don’t want to follow a blog anymore, you can simply delete it. Again you don’t want clutter.

I usually spend half an hour a day on Feedly, and as I already have a lot of blogs saved, it will give me enough information to post on social media for that day. Sometimes even more. To me Feedly is a time saver I could not do without.

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