Why have a marketing plan? Part 4 the hub

You might not have heard that word before: hub. Think of it as the centre of a wheel, like in the picture. And all the spokes lead inward towards the centre of that hub. That is exactly what your website will be.

The website is the centre of all your activities and the place you want your ideal client to end up.

Everything you do is to lead people back to your website:

  • Social media posts
  • Offline flyers
  • Guest blog posts
  • Business card

That is one of the reasons why it is important your branding is the same across everything you do. People should instantly recognize your colours, fonts, photo etc.

Why the hub?

 Why is social media not enough, you may ask. I have followers on social media and I get likes on my posts.

And that is all great. But once in a while [0ne to two times a week] do posts links back to your website. And have your website address prominently on your social media pages.


The most important reason is that people are going to forget about your post. Social media posts are often quickly forgotten and then people may not remember who it was from because they follow so many.


People need to see more from you before they are willing to set the next step and contact you. Social media is perfect for this stage, gaining trust. But once they are ready to engage they want more than just a short post. They want to see all you have to offer and your website it the best place to showcase all that. So they need to be able to find your website easily.

So make sure that all your offline materials like flyers and business cards have your website URL on them. Make it as easy as possible for them to find your website. And have interesting content for them on your website as well.

The steps:

  1. Getting to know you. Seeing your posts and liking some posts
  2. Liking your social media page and/or commenting on your posts.
  3. Following the link back to your website
  4. Reading what you have to offer on your website and contacting through your contact form or email address


Next time : how to choose a place [hosting] for your website and decide how to build it.

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