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Why have a marketing plan? Part 3 Goals

We have determined our ideal client and were we can find him. That is an awesome first step. We are getting closer to action. Yet there is another important step to take before we are going to put it all to action.

What do you actually want to achieve with your website and your marketing?

It is no good starting to do something out of the blue. It all needs a clear strategy. You have your ideal client, we determine:

  • How your ideal fiend will be able to find you
  • How you are going to make sure your ideal clients gets to know and trust you
  • How you will turn him into a client

It seems so easy but that is what the whole strategy is going to be about. Because this is going to determine what your website and social media are going to look like!

You can begin to plan now.

Make a list of what you need to do

  • Will you have a website [and I would recommend it] if so:
    • Do it yourself
    • Have it done
    • What platform
    • Budget?
  • Branding
    • What do I want my logo to say about my business
    • What colours am I going to use throughout website and social media
    • What platforms am I going to use to make my branding materials
    • Will I do that myself or hire someone?
    • Budget?
    • Which social media channels will I use


And that is also the homework for this week. Write it all down before moving on to the next element.

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