Why have a marketing plan? Part 2 How to reach your client

You have established your ideal client and that is a huge part of the job done!

Knowing your ideal client is not enough though. You also need to know how to reach your ideal client.

Did you ever think about that?

What most of us do when we first start out is to go to social media and just throw posts out there in the hope that they will find the right audience. That does not sound very effective and it isn’t.

What is THE most important element in getting your ideal client’s attention is to speak their language and to speak to their pain.

Don’t talk all about yourself and all your training and the way you are trained. Changes are that they do not have a clue what person centred or humanistic etc. really mean. You have to show it to them.

You do that by identifying what troubles them most and what they need help with. And then you lead with that. You offer them a solution. Yes, I know that as a therapist you can’t make promises. But you can use language that shows that you get them, you get what is worrying them and you can help work with them.

They really need to feel that in your writing. That you are the person that is going to help them along their path.

How do I figure that out?

  • If you are already on social media or have a newsletter one simple method is to simply ask them.
  • If not find out what kind of social media channels your ideal client uses. That may not be the same ones you use. And if there is no match there all your efforts may be for nothing.
  • Find out the words they use. You can do that by googling popular words, or go to sites like amazon and see what words the popular books in your field use. What words are used in reviews of those popular books



Again this involves a bit of research. You guessed it. You are going on social media, google and amazon and you are going to do your research and you will come back with the words and sentences that your ideal client uses and those are the words and sentences you are going to use on your website and in your social media posts.


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