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Why have a marketing plan? Part 1 – the ideal client

“I am a therapist not a salesperson and I really don’t want to think about marketing too much.”

Does that sound familiar? You just don’t want to spend too much time on that side of your work and I get it. But because of that reason it is even more important to do it well and spend as little time as possible on it because you have a plan!

With a plan everything you do ties together and works toward getting more clients.

There are several stages in that plan as is explained in my therapist success path. 

There are some steps that are in preparation. The good news here is that you only have to do those once.

We will look at the basic first step here and that is…. what do you really want to do?

What kind of clients make YOU happy.

  • Women / Men / Children / Couples
  • Age
  • Education
  • Living in the UK or worldwide
  • Modality: E-mail, video, F2F
  • Niche: what problems do you work with? Depression, Pain etc


As you see determining your ideal client is already complex. We all know that working with a client that is not the right fit can drain our energy away. Thinking about what YOU want can reduce the chance of attracting the wrong client for you.

Don’t be afraid of narrowing it down. Especially when you work online, you can now work with the client you like from around the whole country. So suddenly instead of finding them in your own town, your search area is so much wider and you can afford to look only for the clients that fit YOU.


Take an empty piece of paper and for a few days just start jotting down your ideas about your ideal client. Are you seeing your ideal client already? If yes describe them. If not think about what you would like to do differently in future and describe that as well.

With that done you have the starting point for your marketing plan.

Want to see the next steps? Download my therapist success path now!

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