Why go with a different theme in WordPress?

Right you have your domain name, WordPress installed and you are ready to start building your website

There is just one tiny detail left 

No need to panic WordPress does come installed with a theme. At the moment it is a theme called twenty-twelve. It is a free theme, but it has limited options.

Twenty-Twelve WP theme
Twenty-Twelve WP theme

 What does a theme do? 

You could call it a framework. Your theme will give you options to make your website look nice. Jobs that needed to be done by a designer in the past.

It will for example [not all themes do all]:

  • Make your website ready to view on mobile devices
  • Make marketing easier
  • Have ready made pages [for example contact me]
  • Allow you to make your own page header and footer
  • Pick colours for your website
  • Have shortcodes [which make it easier to insert things on your website like tables and videos]
  • Have sliders

Just to name a few.

You want a nice looking theme to represent what your business stands for . Also a theme that is easy to use for someone without much webbuilding knowledge. It’s hard to find both so often you will have to find the right balance between the right feeling and being able to work with it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. As long as you make regular back-ups of your page there is not much risk in trying out new themes. WordPress should also keep a copy of your old theme so you can revert to that if the new one is not what you thought it is.

 Keep looking until you find what is right for you. 

2020 Update. I now only work with the Divi theme from elegantthemes. It has endless options and layouts to work with.


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