Why am I letting you pay yourself for certain aspects of your website?

Wouldn’t it be much easier if I paid for everything and include that in the price for the website? Yes, that would be easier for you, but it would not be better for you and I always have your best interest at heart.

I want everything that is essential for your website to be in YOUR name. You owe the domain name and the hosting space, not me.

When I started out building websites nearly 8 years ago I never thought that something like this could be a problem. Unfortunately experience has thought me differently. I have personally seen examples of:

  • Webdesigners highjacking a website when a company wanted to move their website away. And they could as it was in their name and they were the only ones who knew the password.
  • A webdesigner falling ill and offline for months while the client did not know their own username and password to make changes to the website.
  • The webdesigner being a friend of the client and after a falling out refused to turn over the password details.

I don’t want something like that happening to you. So I will help you pick a good hosting company and tell you what to look for but then you will have to register your domain name and by your hosting space yourself.

When I install WordPress for you I will give you all log in information and will recommend that you change it so I can’t get in anymore. This is in case you are going to maintain everything on your website yourself. I you hire me to do maintenance you need to give me log in details. But I will not be the only one with these details and you can kick me out any time. 😊

The same is true for your SSL certificate. This is what makes your website more secure. You can recognize a secure website because of the https the S after http and you will see a lock in the URL bar. You have to buy this yourself as the SSL is usually bought from your hosting provider. And you have to renew it every year. You don’t want to have to come to me every year to do this for you. I would recommend getting the certificate. More and more browsers are starting to mark websites without it as unsafe and this could cost you a lot of traffic to your site.

If you have any more questions about this, please let me know.

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