What’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

 This question is asked so often. And many people are not even aware that there are two versions of WordPress out there. 


This version of WordPress has to be installed to your own domain. You have to buy a domain name first and hosting space to put your domain and install WordPress. Many hosting companies offer an easy install of WordPress these days. So it is not impossible to do it on your own. You pay for your domain and hosting but WordPress is still free.

Once you have everything set up, you can select your theme, and add plugins to your site. Plugins are little programs that run within your website and offer you extra options. For example adding  Like buttons for Facebook and Twitter.


This is probably the best known version of WordPress. If you choose this option you can make a blog online without having to host your own site or downloading anything. It gives you the option to start a blog straight away. You can create a whole website here, not just a blog page.  Even switch to different themes. So it doesn’t look different from a self-hosted blog.

 Yet there are some significant differences! 

  • You can’t ad any plugins!
  • If somebody complains, WordPress can pull the plug on you any moment you like and you will loose your website.
  • It is not meant for businesses. Although they have not done so yet, they could at any time they like remove business websites.
  • You are stuck with wordpress in your URL. This can be removed but will cost you money.

I hope this explains the basic differences between the two versions. And why you are better off with an .org website for a business.






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