What’s been happening lately, why I did not blog.

I know I have been breaking my own rule of blogging at regular times. It is important to blog at regular times, but in my opinion it is also one of the most difficult things to stick to when running a business.

In my case, when I am busy, the weekly blog is one of the easiest things to drop. Other things have a deadline. Clients are waiting for my work, or the deadline is in my head.

But really I should give the blog a deadline as well and I am going to try and do this in the future. If I will succeed….I hope so. J

So what was the reason I had no time to blog? A lot has been happening in my life and business.

At the beginning of March I attended the annual OCTIA conference. This is a conference for online counsellors held every year in Bristol, UK. I advertised my new webbuilding services here, and it took off right away. The last couple of weeks I have been busy building websites and loving it.

Around the same time the organization I do tutoring work for, gave me the go ahead to write an online course on website building, Purple modemand workshops on Social Media.

All this is keeping me pretty busy. The good thing is that I love every minute of it.  And I will keep you up to date on the work in the coming weeks.

Next week my new modem will arrive. Mine is ancient, I have had it for over 10 years and it has done it’s work. But lately I have alsohad some connection problems. That’s nailbiting when you work online! When the new modem is up and running I will be back up to full speed!

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