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What goes in to making a successful website

To be honest you see all kind of prices floating around for websites. From under 100 euro to thousands of euros [or pounds]

100 euro/pounds sounds pretty tempting. Yet you have to figure out what they are going to do for you.

  • Will this be a static design where you can’t change anything
  • Is it a very limited number of pages
  • Can you choose your colours

And most important is my web designer going to sit down and listen to me. Will they explain what I need and why?

Little secret: designing the actual pages is only a small part of the work.

What I do with a new client is:

  1. We will start mailing and getting clear what they want a website for and what the goals of the website are.
  2. Help with getting domain name and hosting set up
  3. Brainstorm with the client about design and colours
  4. I will also brainstorm about the text I get handed and if it is good for search engine optimization and if the text maybe too difficult for someone who is not a therapist to read
  5. Educate about what photo’s and illustrations to use
  6. Install plugins that will help make the website secure
  7. Only then will I start making the actual pages
  8. Every page can have a slightly different design and that will take time
  9. And even in the basic package you get a lot of pages
  10. Redo them until they are what the client wants
  11. I will add widgets and plugins for any other functions a client needs
  12. In some cases I will then integrate the newsletter and install a pop-up for a free offer

Now that takes a lot of time as you can imagine. That is why I think my rates are still pretty low taken the amount of time I invest in it.

Like you I am also in private practice as a therapist and I know all the costs add up. That is why I keep the prices as low as I can. And I only take so many customers on for websites. Usually the whole process takes at least 2 weeks as I usually give my website customers a lot to think about that they had not realized before. And I am not a robot. I want to enjoy the process of each website I make.

And when the website is finished I also offer reasonable rates for upkeep. It is important to keep your website up to date. Your website works with a theme and plugins and these will be constantly updated to make them work better. Old plugins or theme versions are vulnerable to hackers so it is important to update them each month. And to make back ups of your website. When you have a back up and something does go wrong, it is not too hard to have your website restored within a reasonable amount of time.

If you are interested in either have a look at my website page and my upkeep page. [Your website does not have to be made by me for this. It just needs to be a WordPress website]

If you have other questions please get in touch.


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