What do you think about Instagram?

What do you think about Instagram. To be totally honest, until recently I absolutely hated Instagram and I did not get it at all. Strange really as I love social media and I also love photos.

Then I realised the true reason, I am not a fan of smart phones. I realize that that is strange to hear for a lot of people. Yet I did hear from other counsellors that I am not the only one. I have always had bad eyes and I just do not enjoy staring at such a small screen. And as my muscles do not always want to cooperate typing on a small screen is also not my biggest hobby.

Yet as a Social Media manager I saw more clients asking about Instagram, and I read a lot of articles about the power of Instagram. I realized I could not stay away from it any longer. it was time to figure it out.

And that is what I did the last couple of months. What made me the happiest was realizing that there were ways to add content from your Laptop! I mean it is more or less ok to just upload photos that you have taken on your phone. [I am doing that more and more although I still love to take photos with my camera]

When it comes to adding text and hashtags to the photo I am less enthusiastic to do it from my phone. And what about images that you have made especially for your business. Like the one you see here. That image was made in  a free program called Canva and then downloaded to my laptop. It is a lot of extra work to then have to upload it to your phone before you can post it to Instagram. So if you use Instagram for your business it even makes more sense to do it from your laptop and not from your phone.

And it is possible to do it from your laptop. There are paid options, but I have been able to find two free options. Facebook and Hootsuite. If you want to learn exactly how to do this, please sign up for my free course through the button below. It takes you through the steps and will make you post to Instagram within an hour.

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