Why Choose Website Upkeep?

It is scary when something happens to your website and you have no idea how it happened or what to do.

It saves a lot of stress if someone helps you through a time like that

Don’t have the time or the skills to do it?

I have got you covered with plans for every purse


Why update?

WordPress is awesome. It is great for getting found in the search engines and to adjust your website to include about anything you want and need.

But because it is now so popular it does attrackt hackers. Hackers has a much smaller chance of getting in if you keep your site updated.


What will you do for me?

Depending on the package you choose I will keep your website updated monthly so you don’t have to worry about any of it.

Small changes to pages.

Keep WordPress up to date

Keep plugins up to date

Make backups of your website

Website Upkeep

A plan for every purse

Have Questions?

If you need small jobs done on your website that do not fall within my plans. Or you just need something done once, I charge € 25 per hour to do those with a minimum of one hour. Just email me with what you need done.

Paid yearly

You will get an invoice from me once a year. So no hassle with paying monthly. 

No hidden costs like VAT


10% Discount if I designed your website

If I designed your website for you, you will get 10% discount on all packages every year.

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