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What is an audit, you may ask?

This means that I will have a critical look at your website and social media profiles and give you feedback on what I think does and does not work and what you could add and improve.

 How sure are you of your website?

  • Are you not sure if your website is getting you the traffic that you need?

  • Are you using the right Social Media channels and are you using them effectively?

If you reply “YES” to the questions above, my summer check up is for you.

What is included?

Do you have the right pages?

I will look at your pages and see if you have all you needed. If some are not needed and if they are in a logical order.

Are you GDPR ready?

 A check to see you have the GDPR basics in place

Anything missing?

This will list if important information is missing on your website

WordPress Dashboard

If you have a WP website and you provide me with your login details I will check the state of your dashboard and give you tips on maintenance and important plugins you may want to install

Social media profiles

Is your information filled in correctly? 

Tips on posting

What and when do you post? I will give you tips on this


Is brand consistant through website and social media?

More tips

Updating suggestions on page info, your branding and profile

I will give you valuable information you can use to get more clients

You supply me with your website address and any Social Media channels that you use.

I will go through your website for you and your social media channels and I will give you suggestions on what you could add or change.

This will give you a to do list of features that will bring you more clients.

This is on a first come first served basis, but I will plan you in as soon as I have time. It will take me some time to do well, so I do one of these per week. Make sure you reserve your place!

All this for just £ 37  

Social Media Channels I will cover

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

What othes say about my products

Mieke's Facebook workshop course was both informative and easy to follow. Although I haven't started a Private Practice yet and enrolled on the course for interest rather than needs, it is assuring to know that I could re-approach Mieke for advice in the future and receive up-to-date information on any changes. Also, the Facebook group set up for participants of the workshop is a valuable ˜meeting place" in which questions can be asked and experiences/ideas shared.

Amy S

Owner, Roselight

Mieke's self guided course gave me the knowledge I required to have a professional social media presence. The great thing was that I could study the course at my own pace and following the course I still have all the material to refer to. Mieke was always available to answer my queries and tailor the course to my specific needs.

Sheelagh W.

This course was very timely, I recently signed up for Instagram not understanding how it worked and then discovered I could only post via my phone. I emailed an image to myself on my phone and uploaded to Instagram that way but it was very clumsy and I haven't used it since. By doing your course I have now linked our facebook page to instagram and have just posted my first post from Hootsuite. Your course is very easy to follow, love the videos. Very useful. Thanks Mieke and I look forward to doing another of your courses.

Babs McDonald

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