Is a website once made done forever?

You have made your website . It took time to thing about what you wanted. Then actually put in those ideas online.

Whether you made it yourself, with the help of a developer, or had a developer make it. It took time and you had to think about lay-out, colours, use of photo’s and overall feel. And that is just to name a few aspects.

Your new website looks good and you are rightly proud of it. But are you now done forever? Can you sit back and wait until the clients stream in?website (1)

The answer is no.

Not if you want to stay up to date. Below I will give you some reasons why you want to overhaul your website from time to time.

  • Website designs change. What was hot this year could look very outdated next year. A website that was top of the line 5 years ago might now make us cringe when we look at it.
  • Technological advances. The internet and what you can do with it grows so fast. There may be new things you could incorporate on your website. You may decide to add some videos for example.
  • What you offer may have changed, and if that happens you need to change that on your website.

So how often do I change my website?

You really don’t need to do this too often. I don’t want you to worry about changing your website all the time. Especially if you don’t have new information to add. If you have made big changes to what you offer then it is a good idea to update as fast as you can. Otherwise just set a time to have a critical look at your website.

For me that is every December. At the end of the year I take a critical look at my website and then make a list of things that I may consider changing.

In my next blog post I will show you what came up during my last review and what I did to change my website.


LightbulbTip: one thing you can do to keep your website active is to blog once in a while. That is the quickest way to add content regularly.


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