[themecolor]How to have your website built is one of the hardest choices you will have to make when you start in private practice.[/themecolor]

Do it yourself? Have it done by a web designer? I have had the same dilemma. And finally decided I wanted to learn how to make my own websites. In WordPress this is possible! You can learn how to do it and have a professional looking website. It doesn’t need whistles and bells. Even better marketing experts even advice having a simple website were information is easy to find. That is exactly what I offer you.

  1. I will build your website for you. But I will also teach you the basics of how to change information on your website.
  2. I offer a course that will teach you how to build your website from scratch.

For both I offer support, I will brainstorm with you and I will try to use as less geek talk as is possible. Unlike other website builders I was a counsellor first so I know what is important to you. [cta headline=”Not sure what is right for you?” buttontext=”Email me” buttonlink=”” ] Not sure which route to take, why not chat with me. [/cta] <Home>