watch the trailer for ‘build your own WordPress website’

About a week ago I did an interview with John Wilson of Onlinevents about my upcoming ‘build your own WordPress website’ course. The interview was an hour long and I so enjoyed sharing my knowledge with the viewers.

We even did a live screen share where I explained how to make a new blog post in WordPress.

You can see a trailer of the interview right here.


If you want to see the whole interview you can sign up for the library at onlinevents for a small monthy fee. There are many more interviews there one a lot of subjects having to do with counselling.

If you are interested in following my course, please let me know.

[cta headline=”Ask any questions you want.” buttontext=”contact me” buttonlink=”https://marketingcounsellors.nl/contact-me/” ] I would love to hear from you! [/cta]

My Facebook workshop will also be available in January.

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