volunteer job offer 

One time offer. Get paid in courses not in money. Details below.

I am starting my university for self study courses in the field of social media marketing and websites


I want my content to be of the highest quality. For this reason I am looking for 5 proof readers. As thanks for doing this you will get all the courses I produce and that you proof read for me for free. This includes later additions to the courses.

What I need you to do:

  • Point out any grammar and spelling mistakes you find to me
  • Tell me what is not clear or missing from the course
  • Complete the course within a month of receiving notice that is ready
  • Provide me with a testimonial I can use to market the course, and give me permission to use your name with it


What you get:

  • First entrance to my courses
  • High quality marketing courses for free
  • Free advice on your own social media pagaes and website


Who can apply:

  • Anybody over 18
  • Preference for therapists [as they are my target audience]
  • English does not need to be your first language, but you must be able to understand it well


If this is you please use the button below to apply. Only 5 places available ever so act now. When this offer goes away it will never be available again.

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