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Video fear

Does that sound familiar? They tell you that in modern marketing you have to add videos to your website and the thought of doing so makes you tremble with fear.

I get it. I do use videos a lot but those are the ‘safe’ videos. In those videos, I mainly use screenshots and explain to people how part of the internet works. I love doing those as I am not afraid to speak online and I know I won’t be seen. That kind of videos I have been doing for years.

But I have been branching out as well. I felt that with the start of my university I had to put myself out there more. So my courses do include some videos of me introducing the courses and introducing myself. I still do not feel completely confident when I do them. All the time I am aware that my background is not perfect, my lighting is not perfect, I should wear different clothes.

Yet videos are the way to go. They do attract a lot of attention. And I could wait forever, remove the posters I don’t like any more from my room, repaint the walls. And then think of something else to hold me back even longer. The thing to remember is, you have to start sometime and somewhere. They won’t all be perfect. Along the way, you will learn and they will get better.

What I try to do at the moment:

  • Think about what I want to say and have a few bullet points of what to cover
  • Try to find a background that is not too bad. And yes I will be taking down the posters and repainting the walls within a year
  • Keep an eye on the light
  • Don’t start out buying a lot of equipment. When you are starting out your phone or the camera on the laptop are good enough.

To show you I am getting over my fear I am sharing a video I did for an upcoming Facebook ad that I will probably be doing again. 😊

Feel free to show me your videos!


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