Tired of making sure your website is updated regularly?

Keep reading as this is the page for you!

Does this sound familiar?

You promise yourself that you are going to keep your website updated as you know it is really important to keep a WordPress site updated. 

But another year goes by and you realise that you forgot. And parts of your website start breaking down because you did not update?

Or you just don’t have the knowledge or the time to update anyway.

Web Maintenance

Montly maintenance done for your WordPress site

So how about I do it for you and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Why should I update WordPress

WordPress is awesome. It is great for getting found in the search engines and to adjust your website to include about anything you want and need.

But because it is now so popular it does attrackt hackers. Hackers has a much smaller chance of getting in if you keep your site updated.

How often will you update?

 Once a month.

What will you do exactly?

I will update WordPress itself when that is needed.

WordPress works with themes and I will make sure that that is updated as well.

And most important I will update all your plugins [little pieces of code that help make your site work] once a month.


I will also make a back up of your whole website every month in case anything does happen.

What else will you do?

I will also check your comments section for spam and remove that if needed.

And what more?

I will make small alterations for you on your website. How much depends on the package you chose.

As you can see I offer a discount to the maintenance if I made your website as well. Those in the UK can pay me through PayPal so there are no extra charges to pay me in euro's.

I love to hear from you

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

I aim to reply within 2 working days.


Krugerlaan 185, Gouda


Mon – Fri: 8am – 4pm

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