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Updating my Facebook workshop

I love Facebook, I really do. I am on it a lot privately and for work. But more than any other social media network, they change the way the platwork works often.

This is not a bad thing. Often their updates make it function better. But when you host a workshop with a 70 page workbook it can be annoying. I just finished version 3 of my workbook version. And again about 40 percent of my content was changed. It also means that I have to redo all my images in the workbook as well.

Why do I do it? I hate it myself when I buy a book or attend a workshop that is not up to date. Working well with social media means that you have to stay on top of what changes and work well with it.

[themecolor]So what has changed?[/themecolor]

One thing but it has had a major impact on your whole page. Facebook changed the lay out of the business pages.

  • That means that content was moved around to different locations on the page.
  • Some elements are now less important than they were before.
  • The timeline cover has changed a little bit.
  • And the navigation around the page is different.

I like all the changes as it looks neater and more streamlined. So I gladly spent the time updating my material and l look forward to charing the new Facebook business page lay out during the autumn workshops.

[themecolor]The next set of dates are:[/themecolor]

Thursdays: Oct 16th, Oct 23rd and Nov 13th. Start time 6.00 PM British time 
Saturday: Nov 8th, Nov 22nd and Dec 6th. Start time 1.00 PM British time 

[alert color=”white”] application form [/alert]

[cta headline=”Find out more” buttontext=”For workshop info” buttonlink=”https://marketingcounsellors.nl/contact-me/” ] If you have any questions please feel free to email me. [/cta]



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