Tips on how to use Social Media well

Many counsellors and therapists are hesitant to use Social Media. I do understand it. It can be pretty overwhelming, and to be safe you do need to know what you are doing. I can tell you more about how to keep your private data private. This is especially important on Facebook, but it can be done!

Another big misconception is that you use Social Media to sell yourself or your products and that does not sound very ethical.

But using Social Media is not in the first place about selling! It is about building connections. Think about it, what people do you follow? What builds your trust?

  • You use Social Media to build trust with people.
  • To share information with them that could be useful to them.
  • Share a free product so people can find out a little bit more about what you do.
  • Share blog posts to show that you do know what you are talking about.

Now of course all of this leads back to your website. So occasionally you will post a link to your website. [A blog post does this automatically] Because you want to direct people back to your website. That is the hub of your business were people can find out much more about the services you have on offer.

So you see you can set up this connection on Social Media without being salesy. That is not going to work anyway. Connection with people takes time. And it has to be genuine. You have to be genuinely interested in them and what matters to them.

Some more tips!

  • Engage with others!
  • Reply when somebody comments on Facebook or Twitter
  • Thank people when they share your message or retweet one of your tweets
  • Follow other people and offer advice when people ask for it.
  • Post regularly
  • Only use the networks that feel good to you and you think your ideal client would use

What are the most effective social networks?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

These are the top two used.

But there are others:

  • Google+ [owned by Google so messages here will show up higher in search engines]
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest [for those who are very visual and love sharing photos


Google+ closed down. And Instagrram is now an important Social Media platform to be on.


As you see there is something for everyone, and it can be a lot of fun to try it out.


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