The time of year for promotions

I bet some of you are thinking what the title of this post has to do with counsellors. You are not selling any products are you? I hope to convince you that it is important for you.

[themecolor]Workshops and other products[/themecolor]

If you are a therapist offering workshops. Or if you have written a book, or maybe offering products on DVD’s or downloads, this is the time of year you want to really start to think about your marketing.

In December people are in the giving mood. They are on the lookout for nice presents. But they are also more likely to buy things for themselves.

[themecolor]How do you market it?[/themecolor]

If you have a blog on your website it is a good idea to mention your products there. And of course on social media. People need to know what you are offering. And why they need the products that you are offering.

[themecolor]If you just work with clients F2F or online[/themecolor]

If you don’t have any other products, the end of the year and the beginning of a new year is still a good time to promote what you have to offer. A lot of people are thinking about changes in their life at the start of a new calendar year. So you want to make sure that they notice what you have to offer and put yourself in the picture.

You can market yourself the same way as people who offer products.IMG_1581

Another thing you can do is offer a small discount if people book more sessions at the same time.

Be creative and stand out from others. There is so much you can do in an ethical way.

I am mentioning this early so you will have some time to think about your strategy and come up with something that works for you.

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