The importance of taking breaks

I know that a lot of you work in private practice or are at least thinking about it. So this will be a slightly different post than you are used to from me.

[themecolor]It can be lonely working alone[/themecolor]

Especially if you are an online counsellor you could go days without actually seeing a client or a fellow counsellor. All your work is done on the computer.

[themecolor]It is a myth that working from home means you work less than in an office[/themecolor]

Others often think that those working from home take many more breaks to do what they like during the day. The truth is that it is actually a lot easier to work even more than working from an office. Your work is always there around the corner. And it is so easy to do just a few hours of extra work in the evenings, weekends and even during holiday weeks. Before you know it, you are working too much.

[themecolor]Therefore “you time” is essential![/themecolor]

Make sure that you have time blocked off when you don’t work. And try to schedule a few holidays away from home when you can’t work. Don’t take a computer, don’t use your mobile phone for emailing. Just get away from it all for a few weeks!

That is exactly what I am going to do this summer. I have planned several weeks away from home this summer and I am not planning on working during those weeks.

I am lucky enough to be able to visit three of my favorite places on earth this summer. Gettysburg, Glastonbury and London. And I Londonplan to give them my full attention.

[themecolor]You can plan ahead.[/themecolor]

There are several things you can do however which makes it feel to your followers on your blog and social media like you are not gone that long.

  • Plan blog posts ahead of time. [easy to do in WordPress]  That way you don’t have to break your blogging rhythm.
  • Plan tweets and Facebook posts ahead of time. Like blog posts you can plan them ahead of time. The only drawback is that you will not be around to reply to comments.
  • Add an away message to your email address so people know you will not be able to respond to them for a while.

When you have done all that go out and have some fun!





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