The importance of kindness

This week I came across an example of why it is so important to always be kind to people. It is something I try to do in my own life. Yet it is as important to always be kind online as well. Kindness for me is part of marketing, you never know if someone will turn into a client or someone that will refer clients on to you.


I want to share this example with you that happened to me last week. I love free stuff online. Challenges, checklists, ebook etc to check out if somebody resonates with me. Like any typical client, I have to first experience how someone works and how they interact with people before I decide to invest money and really work with them. Right now I am looking for someone who will teach me to perfect my ad texts and headlines.

Last week I had entered myself to do a ten day challenge from a copywriter. I got an email every day with a video and task to do that day and to post your reply to the task on Facebook.

To be very honest, it was a busy week and I was trying to do too much. So I may have been doing the task too fast. But on day four I made a mistake and mixed up two ad texts that are in my head at the moment because I want them to go live soon. And this copywriter exploded at me on the Facebook group.  A closed group but still a place where everyone in the group could read his replies. The person accused me of not taking the task seriously and in that case this was not the group for me. This group was only for people who took it seriously.

Ad writing makes me nervous, it is not my strength and if I get it wrong it will cost me money. So writing my replies to tasks in a public group already made me nervous. You can imagine what being humiliated like that did to me.

Don’t worry about me. A few years ago I would have sat in a corner and had a good cry. These days it just made me very very mad. I removed myself from the group and I blocked his email address.

The challenge was very successful the group was busy and maybe it took  more time than they had thought to reply to all the messages every day. And maybe that made the person a little cranky. I get that.

It is one of the reasons I never reply to messages or email when I am angry or tired. Because what did he achieve?

I will never buy anything from this person ever. Not too bad you think as I am just one person.


I like everyone like to pay it forward … so if I really like someone and their work I will recommend them to friends and clients looking for the same kind of service. I am never going to do that for him.


There may have been others in that group who saw this person’s response to me and thought that if they replied to me that way, they could do it to them as well. And they will not go and work with the person.

The challenge was great, it was a lot of work for the person and it started out great. But with one act of unkindness this person may have lost a lot of goodwill.

Make sure that never happens to you. It is so easy and so hard to fix. Do not write a hasty email when you are tired or unhappy. Wait till a better moment. And if it can’t wait, reread it and image how it may look to the person receiving it.

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