Taking time off during summer

Have you booked any time off this summer? If you are working alone, which many small business owners do, it is so important to take care of yourself.

Even though I work online and therefore am online every day that I work, I love to take breaks.

The good thing about blogs and Social Media is that you can actually plan ahead. Because when this blog post comes out, I will be away for the first of my two holiday weeks this summer. In WordPress I can schedule my posts to go out any time I like. I just enter the date and time I want and the post is scheduled.

The same is true for Facebook. It allows you to schedule your messages ahead of time.

Twitter doesn’t but there are free tools you can use to schedule your tweets ahead of time as well. Tools like tweetdeck and hootsuite.

If you use tools like that it will seem like you are not away at all. Of course you must let your clients know that you are away. And for most email systems you can set an away message sending out a message with your vacation dates. Be careful with this if you work from home and leave behind an empty house.

So take care of yourself and treat yourself to some hardearned breaks. Below is a picture of where I am right now, hopefully enjoying nice weather.

Chalice Well Garden

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