Silverleaf Counselling

[alert color=”white”] Website made for Silverleaf Counselling. The fist one I made with the Nevada theme, using a lot of the available options. [/alert]

silverleaf home

[alert] The homepage using the colour green. [/alert]



silver header + menubar

[alert color=”white”] Example of the header. There is room for a logo and a few lines about your work. This is a great place to tell your readers what you do and capture their attention. Also a prominent place for social media buttons. [/alert]




[alert color=”white”] I love this feature which makes it possible to create overview pages in categories. [/alert]



silver testimonials


[alert color=”white”] Testimonials are really easy to create. And you can add photo’s as well. For counselling that is not always appropriate so i is not done here. [/alert]



silver soundcloud

[alert color=”white”] The Nevada theme makes it really easy to import content from other sources. Here is an example from Soundcloud. No need to go back there you can listen to the content on this website. [/alert]


silver price tab

[alert color=”white”] Finally fees. Easy to make in the tables feature. And then insert them into a page. [/alert]



[cta headline=”Want one?” buttontext=”Contact me” buttonlink=”” ] I can make a website like this for you. They also come with a lot of documentation on how to maintain them. Videos, photos and text. [/cta]