Why self care?

Like you I am next to a marketing consultant also an online therapist. In both jobs I work from home. That means that there is no boss to tell me what to do but also nobody to hold me back when I am working too hard. a collage of self care productsIn this modern world we all juggle too many balls. Be it young children or elderly parents or some other kind of stress. We want so much and we want it all now. On the other hand we all know people who suffered a burn out, and it seems to happen at younger ages. Therapists working from home are prone to working much too hard. It is so easy to turn on your comuter and reply to just one more email. or to spend your whole weekend doing some research. I bet that sounds familiar. Our down time is very important. And what better time to schedule some down time than during the summer months.  You don’t even have to go on vacation to have some much needed down time. Summer is a good time as many of our clients will take time off during the summer months as well, so our schedules may be less full. Instead of worrying about that enjoy! Try some of the following:

  • Treat yourself [and maybe some girlfriends] to a spa day.
  • Go for a nice walk
  • Visit a museum or castle
  • Make your garden or balcony into a vacation spot and relax with a cooling drink a good book or magazine

I am sure you can finish this list with your own favorites. All of the above are on my list for this summer and the spa is nearly booked with the date picked!

A cheeky conclusion

If you happen to be so relaxed that you have time left to do something work related. Summer is a good time to review if your website and Social Media channels are still working for you. Or maybe you would like to do things differently? Add some channels or change your website. 

My offer for you [valid in July and August]   

You supply me with your website address and any Social Media channels that you use.

I will go through your website for you and your social media channels and I will give you suggestions on what you could add or change. 

This will give you a to do list of features that will bring you more clients.

Just for the summer months I will charge 

£ 30

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