As counselors we are used to doing a lot of research. It is part of who we are and most of our associations even ask us to do so many hours of research a year.


We are also often people who want to make sure that we do things right. The perfectionist lurks in all of us. I am no exception to this rule. When I set out to do something I want to make sure I do it right.


With my WordPress Guide nearing completion, I am already looking at what my next product will be. I realize that for a lot of people a written guide might not be enough. A guide is really good for reference, having a quick look to see how to do something.


Yet when you are starting to learn about websites from scratch, you might want more. So how about a whole course on how to work with WordPress. Offering:

  • Text
  • How to video
  • Audio how to
  • Step by step guides
  • An ask questions section

Does that sound more like what you need?


It is coming! Being a perfectionist, I will make sure that I will get it to you the best way possible.


  • I have purchased a copy of Camtasia, the best software out there to make video’s using screenshots. This means that I will be able to walk you through procedures like how to install plugins, how to make a widgets. You will be able to just watch and copy the steps.
  • Just finished studying an online self study course [Yes I love them myself!] on how to deliver a good course.


The next steps will be carefully considering what needs to go in. As I still vividly remember what was difficult for me when I got started, I think I have a pretty good idea. Then it will be recording all the material and putting it together.


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