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  • Facebook Business Page for Therapists selfstudy course


    About this course

    It is aimed at therapists who want to build their online presence on Social Media. You will get:

    • Step by step guide on how to build and maintain your Facebook business page
    • Most steps come with videos explaining the steps as well
    • As little geek talk as possible
    • Includes the basics of Facebook ads
    • A chapter on how to make a Facebook group
    • 9 instruction videos
    • When the course is completed you will receive a certificate with 10 CPD hours


  • Pinterest: your secret weapon in marketing your practice


    Do you find it hard to figure out how to market your private practice?

    How to do it in a way that is ethical, easy, does not cost too much time and does not cost an arm and a leg?

    This course is for you.

    Unlike many other courses they are made with therapists like you in mind. So it will address the problems you will come across, like is this platform ethical to use.