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Most of you probably know Pinterest. It is a lovely platform were you can gather images from all around the web without having to worry about copywrite.

But have you ever thought about using Pinterest for marketing?

Most of you will say no. And until recently so would I. I was thinking about the more traditional platforms for marketing. So I focussed mostly on Facebook, Twitter and a little bit of LinkedIn. But at the beginning of May I decided to experiment with Pinterest and Instagram. Today I will share my findings on Pinterest.

I already had a presence on Pinterest. I used it personally and professionally. I have worked with secret boards with clients. [So only you and the client can see and add] and I pointed out that use when tutoring online counselling students.

What did I do?

For a few weeks I added new boards and loads of new pins every day to my Pinterest account. Making sure that all I added made sense in my business.

I try to play around with the colours a little bit so they match my brand colours. You can’t do it with everything but it is good to keep thinking about things like this when you pin or repin. Btw I had great fun finding all these pins to post as well.


The results were amazing. You can see the enormous spike in the two weeks when I was very active on Pinterest. I let it slide after that on purpose, to see if it made a difference and it clearly did. Although with all the new content I still had more visits as before I became more active.

So what does this mean?:

You may think, “that is all very nice but what does all that effort bring me?”

More then you may think. For one Pinterest is fast growing as a marketing platform. Many more people are catching up on the worth of this platform.

Second, a lot of people are visually minded and they are going to browse on Pinterest to find products to buy. If you sure that you include links back to your website this is a great way to find new customers.

But I am a therapist, I don’t sell products, can this work for me?

I still think absolutely. Keep in mind that all Social Media are also a way for people to get to know you. So even if you do not sell products you could try boards like these:

  • My therapy room
  • Self-help books I would recommend
  • Mood board examples [what could help a particular client]
  • Images [make on Canva or other platforms] that simply describe your services

And that is just off the top of my head.

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Pinterest is one of the platforms that will get it’s own course on my new self-study platform that I am opening. All courses there will be tailored to the needs of therapists working online and that sets them apart from other courses. And as I am an online therapist as well, I know very well what sort of problems you may run into.

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