OLT Diploma in Online Counselling

For this blog post I want to share something with you about one of my other activities. Namely tutoring on OLT’s [online training for counselors] diploma course in online counselling.

If you are thinking about becoming an online counsellor, it is good to have some training. OLT offers a generale certificate course which starts several times a year. And the diploma course, which is only offered once a year.

We’re now taking applications for the 2015 Diploma (DOC). The next course begins in April and runs through to December with a break in the Logo for Bannersummer – we have a few places left. The Diploma group is kept deliberately small to allow everyone to have their say in our live weekly discussion meetings which are held on Wednesday mornings.   For more information and to download a brief course guide see the web page: http://www.onlinetrainingforcounsellors.co.uk/diplomacounselling.htm

If you’re thinking about adding this well-regarded Diploma to your online qualifications, Mieke and Babs (the tutors) will be holding ab open meetings on Skype to answer your questions.   If you’re already booked onto the Diploma please drop in to say hello.

To join the meeting, send me your Skype name  through my contact form and I will invite you to join the meeting.

Meeting date/time

Sunday   March 15th 6.00 – 7.30   pm (UK time)

So I hope to see some of you there. We love to chat about the course. And you can always email me if you are thinking about a career in online counselling.


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