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OCTIA is another resource I want to share with you. It is a conference especially for online therapists and it comes with CPD hours.

This years edition is on October 5th. It will be held in Manchester. If that is too far away for you or the time is too short to go to Manchester personally, there is good news. You can buy a ticket to attend the conference online. You can either do this on the day or watch it later.

The advantage of watching on the day is that you can chat with other therapists online and this way you can really feel part of the experience. You can even ask questions and have the speakers in the room reply to them.

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How I know all this? I was part of the OCTIA team for several years until last year 2018. I know how much hard work goes into the preparation for these conferences and how much the team want you to have the best experience possible. The online tickets are very affordable as well and you will have a great day.

This year they have another great line up for you with talks on:

  • Relationship counselling online
  • A philosophy of online counselling by two very experienced online counsellors
  • Bereavement online counselling
  • Xenzone a digital counselling service
  • Providing hypnotherapy online

As you can see there is something for everyone and the presenters will try to make it inclusive so it is enjoyable to both beginners and those with years of experience online.

It’s the 11th conference. Nowadays you can find much more information on working online, but OCTIA was one of the first to do this and it is still a great source of information. That and making new friends either in person in Manchester or by attending in the chatroom.


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