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Need images? Great WordPress plugin WP image suite

[themecolor]Do you have this problem? Finding it hard to find good images to use in your blog post and images that are copyright free?[/themecolor]


Before I installed this plugin I would spend a lot of time looking for copyright free images all over the web and that would take me a lot of time. With this plugin I can find those images without having to leave my own WordPress page or post.

So let me tell you how it works.

You will have to buy this plugin. Unfortunately it is not free. This is the website were you can buy the plugin. It will also give you more information about the plugin as well.

When you have bought it you can upload it to your WordPress dashboard and install it. When it is installed it will show up when you write your posts and pages like this:

wp image suite 1

Before you can actually use it you have to manage the settings. [This you can find in the menu on the left side of your WordPress dashboard.]

wp image suite 2

Here you can select where you want to look the program for images. The last 3 you can just tick and you don’t have to do anything else. For the top four you will have to sign up [for free] and get a key you can insert. The plugin will come with instructions on how to do this.

Once you have done this you are set! Now just enter a keyword that is important for what you are writing. As one of my logo’s has massage stones in them, that is what I used as a keyword. [I did not want to do anything too easy either]

wp image suite 3


The program comes up with a list of images for ‘massage stones’ that I can use on my blog for free. After having a look at it you can pick one of them by clicking on it.


I picked this one now it is inserted into this post. Before you insert it you even get the option to edit the photo.

Usually I try to find plugins that are free. Like most people I don’t enjoy spending too much money. But this one saves me so much time, time is money as well, that I went for it and I have not regretted it yet.

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[themecolor]Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this company and will not get any money if you buy this product. I just want to share with you the tools that make my business life easier.[/themecolor]





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