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A dream has come true. I am a published author! This is something which I wanted since I was a young child. I thought it would happen first with a novel. [I have been writing since the moment i was thought how to read an write] But I am very proud of my first non-fiction work. My WordPress guide: “ How to build your WordPress website froms scratch.”  A lot of time and effort has gone into this your website

I kept in mind how I felt when I first started out with my counselling business. How lost I felt about building a website that would not bankrupt me. Also a website that I could update myself. It took me a few years to be able to do that. I searched for many hours for online courses that would teach me how to build a website. And teach me in language that I could understand!

That is how this book was born. You can use it when you build your own website in WordPress. If that is on your own or with someone the help you. I made sure there are many pictures in the guide so you can see what I am writing about.

The guide is short. There was plenty more information I could have added, but I wanted to stick to the basics.  These are the bare bones you need to know about and learn how to work with. I think that once you learn how to build your website you will be able to find more stuff on the internet and add more to your website if you need to.

If you are interested please take a look here at smashwords. You can download it in many different formats. One of the reasons I picked smashwords. So you can read it on an e-reader, tablet or your laptop.

[cta headline=”Get your copy of the guide” buttontext=”Take me to Smashwords” buttonlink=”″ ] You can buy a copy at Smashwords and download the format you prefer. [/cta]

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