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Mired in marketing? Get expert coaching to make this your greatest year

Do you plan to find your ideal client?

Many of you will have to reply no to the question above. Until the beginning of last year so did I. Sure I did a lot of marketing on various platform but it all felt unrelated.

I won’t blame you for not having a plan. Most of us did not train to be marketing wizards. We trained to be therapists. And that works fine as long as we work for a company that does the marketing for us.

But what about when we want to start out in private practice?

You have a problem. You know you are good at your job and you know how much you have to give your clients. You can help them solve their problems. But what if they don’t come to you?

That is why you have to market and market with a plan. To help your ideal client find you.

This is what I started doing from 2019. I set up a plan for myself to find and reach my ideal client.

You know what, it felt so much better to work this way. Everything I did tied in with this masterplan. I always knew what I was doing and why.

I keep my plan handy so I can always see it and see what and why I am doing something.

I want you to be able to reach your ideal client this way as well. That is why after building my own plan, I set out to build this plan for therapists to find their client.

In 2020 I am going to blog a lot about this plan or path. To give you as much information as possible. And you can download the plan as well.

This is something you can do on your own. All the steps are in there. Or you can do it with some help from me. I opted for this route myself and found myself a great marketing coach.

Getting some help means:

  • You are not on your own
  • You have me to brainstorm with
  • You have me to motivate you and to get you unstuck when you feel stuck
  • You have me to hold you accountable and keep you moving in the right direction
  • And you have my knowledge and experience to tap

Have a look at my coaching page and pick what suits you. This year I am keeping my rates low and that means that this is the time for you make your plan and put it in action.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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