Why do you make me buy my own hosting and domain name?

First off sorry for my long silence on the blog. Does that mean I am not working anymore or my business is going badly? Well, actually the opposite is true. I have been so busy last year [and still am] that I have neglected this blog for a long time. I am not going to promise to post every month but I am going to try.

Back to the question I do hear from clients:

Why won’t you buy my domain name and hosting for me?

Until about a year ago I would say, “It is important it is in your name in case something happens” but I had no actual proof why it was important. I have now, in one year time I came across a couple of examples why you need to buy it yourself and remember your passwords.

Main reasons

Not all web designers are nice people. They can take advantage of you if you don’t have the information about your own website and worse if they buy your hosting and domain name they OWN it. You don’t. If you want to change designers and they won’t give you your information you can start from scratch. And yes lose your domain name as well. I have seen that happen last year.

A web designer can fall ill. It happens and if it lasts a long time this can be troublesome for you. Again if you can’t get into your own website there is very little you can do about it.


  1. Buy your own domain name and hosting! And make sure that you keep your login info and passwords in a safe place where you can find them again later.
  2. For WordPress make sure that you have access to the email address and password for your WordPress installation. Especially the email address or username is important. Because you can change the password but the new one will be sent to the email address used by the admin. So if that is not you, you still can’t reach your website.

So make sure this does not happen to you and keep your hosting, domain and WordPress information in a safe place.


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