Make 2020 your year to shine

We have all made our resolutions for this new year. As you do every year, but how many of those do you really follow up on? I fear most of us don’t. And to make an honest admission, neither do I.

One of the reasons for this is that it is hard to go it completely alone when in private practice. There is nobody who you can pour your heart out when things don’t go your way or to cheer with when you have a big win.

It is hard to keep your marketing strategies going if that is not really what you want to be doing. You are a therapist and your heart is in helping people, not in marketing yourself. And we all lead busy lives outside of our work.

I get all that. It is hard to motivate yourself to stick to a schedule. That is why last year I decided to work with a marketing coach myself. And it made all the difference.

My coach helped me to:

  • See the big picture
  • Set achievable monthly goals
  • Listen to me when things did not go my way
  • Motivate me to keep going
  • Cheer with me on my successes

Having someone watch over my shoulder also kept me on track. To keep me motivated to go for my monthly goals. This meant that even during a very hard personal year I got more done than in the years before without feeling stressed about it.

For that reason I want to make my own coaching services more important. Have a look at the totally updated page on the website  and see if there is an option there that appeals to you. Or shoot me an email if you are not sure. I would love to brainstorm with you to find out how we can make your practice shine in 2020.

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