Last Presenters Emma Cameron and Mieke Haveman

This coming week is the week of the summit!

So make sure you register to see what the presenters have to offer you.

Emma Cameron

I have asked Emma to present around creativity in online therapy. This is to show that so much more than just text or video talking is possible online. Thanks to the advances in technology the sky is the limit these days and Emma will be sharing some of the ways that she uses creativity in her only practice.

Mieke Haveman

I will be presenting on WordPress websites myself. And after my presentation I will be available on the Facebook page to reply to all questions you may have about building or maintaining your own website. And I have an offer for those people who registered for the summit.

I hope you will tune in for as many of the presentations as possible. They cover a wide range of what it means to work online. And many of the presenters will be in the chatrooms to reply to your questions. I hope you will take this opportunity and gather as much knowledge as you can.

October 19th till 23rd

11:00 AM and 15:00 British Summer Time

See you there!

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