Introducing the presenters – Suzie Mosson and Dalila Bellometti

Most of the presenters that will speak during the summit are women that I have known for years. Some are not but have come highly recommended as experts in their field.

There will be two women per blog posts for the next couple of weeks.

I am going to start introducing the woman I have known the longest.

Suzie Mosson

Of all the presenters I have known Suzie the longest. And our story together will also show how small the only world used to be. And only now through the Covid pandemic is it growing so much faster.

Suzie was a year behind me in doing the OLT training. When I was a student on the diploma course she was doing the general certificate and was interested in finding out how email counselling worked and became a trial client for me.

The next year I started tutoring on the diploma and Suzie was one of the students. So in order to keep the boundaries as firm as possible I did not become her tutor.

After finishing herself Suzie also became a tutor and we met in person for the first time during an OLT tutor meeting.

Not much later we both joined the OCTIA committee and spend many years working together there as well.

At the moment Suzie is my ‘boss’ as she took over the running of OLT a few years back together with Maria O’Brien.

I asked Suzie because she has such a long history in the field of online tutoring and an expert on psychosexual and relationship therapy work online and working with email. If you have any questions for her about that feel free to ask them on the Facebook page during the interview.

Next is a woman I have also known for years and also through OLT

Dalila Bellometti

Dalila and I did not study together but we both trained at OLT. And at one point in time for some reason or other we started emailing each other about online work and that blossomed into a friendship. We continue to email each other many times a year and keep each other updated about your lives and supporting each other through difficult periods in our lives.

What is also a bond is that we are both not British. One thing I love about the online world is that you make friends all over and you learn about working with different cultures. If you start training I see it as a plus if your training group [or tutors] include people from different countries and cultures. I remember that the general certificate group I trained in had people from Denmark and New Zealand.

Dalila first became a visiting tutor and workshop tutor for OLT and is now a tutor on the general certificate.

She will talk about the disinhibition affect that can be so strong in online work. As with Suzie if you have any questions for Dalila please ask them on the Facebook page.

Follow this link to sign up for this free summit.


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