Introducing the presenters Lisa Cromar and Tonia Higgins,

This week I am introducing two presenters that I do not [yet] know personally but who came highly recommended and I am very much looking forward to hearing their interviews. They are being interviewed by Karin Brauner.

Lisa Cromar

Lisa will be talking about working online with autism. she aims to advance research in the area of counselling for autistic people. Her mission is to increase awareness and acceptance of autism in the counselling field and to improve the counselling experience for autistic people.

There are chances you will come across online clients who are on the autism spectrum so it would be really useful for all of us as online therapists to have a better understanding on how we can improve the counselling experience for people on the spectrum.

Tonia Higgins

Tonia will be speaking on how to create your success, your way by building the private practice that you want. Her talk will be for new and established therapists alike. And will be about I hope starting to build your confidence in being your own boss. There’s lots to think about, but mindset, determination and consistency are important starting points.

She will also go into what a strange year it has been for all of us and how tiring it has been for many counsellors working online.


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