Intoducing the presenters – Olivia Djouadi and Pip Weitz

This week I am introducing two more presenters to you. Again two women I know very well and who I first met  when they were students of mine doing the diploma in online counselling through OLT.

Olvia Djouadi

I first met Olivia on the OLT course, and was at once very awed by her determination. Olivia was doing several courses at the time and on top of that coped with several disabilities and yet she finished the course on time and to high standards. Olivia went on to become a tutor at OLT as well and a speaker at several conventions that I attended. We met in person several times during these and always found time for a personal chat as well becoming good friends in the process.

Like me Olivia often works with clients who are living with physical disability in their lives and this created a bond between us. She is also very skilled on the subject she will be talking on during the summit dissociation and trauma online. As most of us work [almost] completely online at the moment it is very useful to gain information about what is and isn’t possible in working online. You can ask her questions about it on the Facebook page during the interview.

Pip Weitz

The best way to describe Pip Weitz is as a force of nature. I can hardly think of anyone who has done so much for the online profession during the last five years.

I met Pip for the first time at one of the OCTIA conferences just before she enrolled in the OLT diploma course. Even then she was full of ideas about working online and editor on a series of books on online work. And that day she was full of ideas to share with us.

Since then we have met up many times and I always come away with new ideas after one of our meetings.

Pip is very busy right now with her own training organization The academy for online counselling and psychotherapy. During the summit Pip will talk about her work for ACTO and the importance of ACTO [association for counselling and therapy online] for the online counselling community. If you have any questions for her feel free to share them on the Facebook page.

Please sign up for the conference here to get more details about the schedule and to see the offers some of the presenters have especially for you.


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