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Intoducing the presenters – Annette Eriksen and Renée McDonald

I am so pleased that this summit is so truly international. We have people presenting from several European countries but we also have to presenters who join us all the way from Australia.

Annette Eriksen

Annette is originally from Denmark and has lived and worked all over the world. That is why being an online therapist suits her very well. I have not met Annette personally but got to know her online. She was part of the ACTO board for a little while and as such we had some chats together. What I like is that career wise our paths have been similar. Annette is now also a tutor and she helps other counsellors with the marketing site of their practice. So do have a look at her website.

During the summit Annette will talk on the very important topic of self-care. Something some of us forget about. And it may have changed for us working more from home than we are used to and online. So Annette can give you a lot of useful information on how to go about it.

Renée McDonald

Renée is from Australia and unfortunately we have not met in person yet. But she is very active and committed to the online therapy world. She is now also a training provider in ACTO and ACTO are so happy to have training providers outside of Europe on the list.

I have chatted to Renée online and I am also impressed with her spiritual outlook on life. In these uncertain times that was an element that I wanted to include in the summit as well. And that is what will be part of her talk during the summit. Do have a look at her website as well.

If you are interested please sign up for the free summit here.

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