How to get 50 or more pages on your website

I have mentioned before that Google likes active websites, and websites with a lot of pages. Some experts say that 7 is the absolute minimum, but actually that could be a lot higher.

Most of you have made up some excellent pages before starting your website. With good information for your clients. But 50 pages! That seems impossible. And how do you update your website often so it stays interesting to Google?

I will share a very easy trick with you on how to do this. If you have made your website in WordPress it is very easy to include a blog. Afterall WordPress started as a blogging platform.


This doesn’t mean that you have to blog several times a week as some professional bloggers do. Not even once a week. You find a rhythm that feels good to you. In my case I have decided to blog once every 2 weeks. That means that in one year I have 26 new pages. Yes every blog post counts as a page! That is the beauty of it.


 The advantages: 

  • More interesting content on your websitevinkje_18
  • You can drive people back to your website by posting your new blogs on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Every blog post is a page
  • You keep your website fresh for Google and the other search engines.

This last advantage is a really important one. If a website doesn’t change for too long, Google will drop it in it’s searches because they are not sure it is active any longer.

So if you blog a few times a month, Google knows you are stil active.

And you can share useful information with you clients and followers. I keep a list of topic on my desk, every time I come across something online or in a newspaper that I think would be of interest to my readers, I make a little note. And as you can see your post does not need to be very long. Most people don’t like reading long pieces of text online anyway.

If you are curious. This post makes up 50 pages for me on my website.

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