How to build your WordPress website from scratch

This e-book has been published at the smashwords website. This is a great tip if you want to write and sell your own ebook. Listing your book there is free. You may want to pay to have someone edit your book and produce a nice cover for you. But the start up costs are not high.

[themecolor]What is the guide about?[/themecolor]

A guide to help you get started in WordPress. This guide will help you through the steps of setting up your own WordPress website. It covers the basics and has many illustrations to make the knowledge visual for you.

It was written with counsellors and therapists in mind but can be used by anybody.

As a counsellor and a tutor, I found out that it can be very hard for counsellors who are just starting out online to find the right resources. WIth that in mind I wrote this guide to make the process a little easier. This is the reason that for this guide I have stuck to the basics. I did not want to inundate you with knowledge. Just what you need to get started.

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